The MonaVie Scam – Is It Fact Or Fiction?

MonaVie ScamAs what is most probably the most popular item to take both the health and business worlds by storm recently, MonaVie have also been at the center of a lot of controversy. Everyone you talk to seems to have a strong opinion one way or the other – either MonaVie is a miracle supplement, or they rant about a MonaVie scam.

What’s all of the talk about?

What is MonaVie, and why is it causing so much controversy? The center of the MonaVie scam claims is its main ingredient – the acai berry. The acai berry is a superfruit that has recently been made very popular by numerous celebrity endorsements and rave reviews from the medical world. Why do some people doubt the benefits of acai berry juice? That’s a good question, considering all of the information that we’ve discovered about this powerful nutrient recently.

What’s in MonaVie?

MonaVie’s main ingredient is the juice from the acai berry, but contrary to popular belief, it is not the only way to benefit from the acai fruit. Many other companies after offering very affordable, very efficient Brazilian acai berry supplements. Two of the most popular brands are Top Grade Acai, and Natural Acai.

The assertion about a MonaVie scam is based on the fact that so many people don’t believe in the reported health benefits of the acai berry. Some of the most prominent are:

Healthy weight loss
Increased energy / libido
Anti-aging / Skin care

Why is the acai berry so popular?

The secret to the acai berry lies in its extraordinarily high antioxidant capacity. Most other fruits and berries contain antioxidants, but none of them to the same extent of the acai fruit. Free radicals in your body cause tremendous damage to your cells by attacking the cell membranes. If you remember back to high school biology, our body is made up of billions of cells, so you can imagine the various health problems that these free radicals cause. The antioxidants in acai berry prevent that damage from occurring, thus delivering incredible and natural healthy results.

Whether you take MonaVie, Top Grade Acai, Natural Acai, or one of the other forms of acai berry, there is no arguing with the positive healthy benefits that they provide for your body. I challenge anyone who is talking about a MonaVie scam to try it and see how it works for them. Of course everyone’s body has its own special way of behaving, so not everyone may see a huge difference, but there is no arguing with the results that millions of people have seen with the acai berry.

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